Better, Faster, Cheaper

FORTIS provides the right solution to simplify and reduce expenditures relating to small amount ordering and procurement services. Fortis works with supplying products from multi national sources to meet your business requirements.

FORTIS services will allow you to reduce the purchasing, transport, storage and other hidden costs, while simplifying the procurement process.

Usually the procurement products, either from local source or from the overseas is characterized by extremes: High transaction volume, High Labour cost per transaction, large supply base, low transaction values, low service levels and low inventory turns. We access customer needs regarding product quality, prices, punctuality and safety of delivery to further enhance customer satisfaction. Using superior buying power to negotiate with their suppliers, FORTIS clients specific needs are satisfied at the lowest possible prices and at the best terms. Fortis has developed a range of services to support your purchasing department with any procurement tasks.

Fortis Prima Sinergi has been providing Procurement Services to various major multinational companies, from small, medium to large  scales. Fortis has pushed the boundaries of concept of Better – Faster – Cheaper. One thing that is apparent in our work ethic is quality. Since this is a service based industry, we realize that the quality of our services coupled with outstanding saving brought to clients ensures us as the best bet in procurement field.


Our Vision is to be recognized as leading national partner providing a competitive purchasing service for our valued clients, sourcing supplies originating from across the country and overseas.

Our Mission is to provide top quality single source for essential supplies or spares from across the country and overseas and are also trying to provide supplies quicker and cheaper than your local agent, or where no agent exists, often more competitively than your own direct purchase.

About us


  • Decrease Supply bases
  • Reduce Inventory and Material Costs
  • Reduce Purchasing, Accounting and Administrative Labour
  • Freight, Transport and import Costs Reduction
  • Direct Access to products Services and commercial terms Worldwide
  • Implication and Autoimmunization of the purchasing process
  • Access to Business Opportunities
  • Increased Competitiveness

“We support excellence and strive to go beyond compliance promoting the best trade practices”

We serve our clients through a comprehensive four-step process:

  • Client specifies what product they need.
  • We identify companies that can deliver the product promptly, at the right price.
  • We assist client in selection process through an industry tested standard.
  • We negotiate and deliver the product to our client’s complete satisfaction


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